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the ultimate guide to sin city: part two

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

If you haven't gotten a chance to read part one of my Las Vegas guide, it included all of my favorite (and expensive) recommendations on and around the strip. In part two, we're going to discuss how to do Vegas right, but on a smaller budget. If you're interested in the first article, click here.

where to stay

While browsing potential hotels, those on a budget may be suprised by the prices per night on some of Vegas' hotels. Some can even be under $40...but watch out. This doesn't include the plethora of fees that most hotels on the strip charge. Once you click checkout, your $40/night hotel is now $150+. All the hotels I'm sharing with you hover around $100 or under per night (all fees included) and give you the luxury vibe without the price. On the top of the list in Caesar's Palace. With one of the best casinos on the strip, and tons of restaurants, bars, and high end clubs located within the resort, for only around $70-80/night (fees included) you really can't beat this deal. Across the street, Paris Las Vegas is also a great option. While the casino isn't as glamorous as some of the higher-end recommendations, the rooms and spacious and clean, they have a large pool area, and great restaurants. Lastly, The Mirage is another great option. They always have great deals without compromising clean and comfortable rooms, and a central location. Usually you can get a standard king room for around $75/night!

where to eat

While Vegas has no shortage of luxury dining, it's not hard to find great food on a budget. I can't lie - I stuck with more higher end places because hey, when in Vegas but I heard great things about these places:

Tacos el Gordo (multiple locations)

Nacho Daddy (multiple locations

Secret Pizza (Cosmopolitan)

Evel Pie (Fremont)

Egg Slut (Cosmopolitan)

Ocean One Bar & Grill (Planet Hollywood - everything is $4.99)

where to play

Want to gamble but on a budget? Downtown Las Vegas is where you'll want to head. The table minimums are the lowest you'll find so just walk down Fremont and check them all out. While downtown Las Vegas isn't as "glamorous" at The Strip, there's tons of retro LED signs which means plenty of photo opportunities!

Speaking of retro signs... The Neon Museum is perfect for the budget traveler! $20 gets you in and you could spend forever taking pictures and learning about the history of the ever-changing Vegas strip. They're strict about photography so make you get the ticket type that fits your reason for going! If you're taking a professional camera and doing a shoot, the price of admission is higher.

Don't let being on a budget stop you from enjoying Vegas. My favorite part during our stay was just walking into every hotel lobby & casino and people-watching. There's truly no other place like it.

Till next time,

xoxo Tori

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