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Nola in Tampa: Zydeco Brew Werks

Right in the heart of Ybor, Zydeco is a great place to start your night out. With live jazz every Friday and bartenders who serve up some of the best drinks on 7th Ave, Zydeco is one of my top choice to grab a cocktail and boiled peanuts before heading to the rest of the strip.

Their beers are amazing (duh), and I always share the boiled peanuts with whoever I'm with. If you're not into beer or are looking for something a bit stronger, their cocktails are also great. Something unique to the menu is their Sazerac, usually only found in New Orleans, Zydeco's is pretty damn good.

In terms of entree's I've only tried the vegan flatbread myself, but if you're not staying away from meat the menu has lots that looks amazing, and I've only ever heard good things. I hosted an event there back in November and my guests raved about the Muffaletta, the Shrimp Mac & Cheese, and the Prosciutto Flatbread.

The other night I was there and the bar tender made me an off menu drink that was amazing...he told me they had some salted caramel Crown and he could make a White Russian with it if I'd like. Of course I said yes. It was strong, sweet, and doubled as my dessert for the night.

Seriously, the owner Ken is so nice, the staff is energetic, it's all around a local gem. Be sure to hit Zydeco on a Friday so you can enjoy live jazz with your beer!

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