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Psomi: Tampa's Best Brunch Spot

Brunch. The most instagram worthy meal to exist. No but really, I've seen more bottomless mimosas and eggs benny insta stories in that last 4 years than I've cared to. Regardless, you can't not snap a pic of a perfect brunch spread...especially when you're eating at Psomi.

They opened up awhile ago, but a few weeks ago I finally ate their with my girlfriend, and we both agreed, the food lived up to the hype. Psomi is a greek restaurant and bakery serving everything from baklava to charred octopus. We weren't in the mood to drink but their cocktail menu looked amazing and their coffee (I had a baklava cold brew) was 10/10.

Whether you do or don't have dietary preferences, Psomi has plenty of choices for you. I stay away from meat, so I went with the "farm on your table" sandwich. It was nothing short of amazing. The sandwich is smothered in whipped feta, topped with fresh veggies, and served between homemade sesame bread.

As pictured, my meal also came with fries and kalamata aioli (my addiction).

This place was a home run for me and I'll definitely be back! Side note - they offer bottomless mimosas on Sundays, so you know where I'll be post epidemic.

Till next time,

xoxo Tori

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